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ZINC Dross, Zinc Flux Skimming, Zinc Ash and Zinc Dust are all by-products which are generated during the process of galvanizing prime coils.

Zinc Dross

Zinc Dross is a by-product of the galvanizing process that forms as a result of inter-metallic reactions with iron in the bath which gets introduced from the steel parts being coated.

Zinc bath can contain variable amounts of aluminium. Zinc Dross or hard zinc is removed from the bottom of general galvanizing baths (bottom dross), or from the pots of continuous galvanizing lines (top dross).

Tata Steel is one of the rising Zinc Dross suppliers in India. We offer high quality Zinc Dross that is supplied to a wide range of industries across the nation.


The Industrial By-Product Management Division (IBMD) of Tata Steel offers superior quality Zinc Dross that finds its use across numerous industry segments. Some of the applications of Zinc Dross are the following –

  • Zinc Dross is chiefly used to produce ingots which are utilised by galvanizer in local companies owing to its innate properties.
  • The other major use of the Zinc Dross is the manufacturing of zinc oxide, which is mainly used in the rubber and tyre industry.

Zinc Ash

In addition to being an emerging Zinc Dross supplier in India, Tata Steel also offers premium quality Zinc Ash.

In batch galvanizing process, Zinc Ash is formed on the surface of the galvanizing bath and consists primarily of ZnO with varying amounts of Zn (OH) Cl.


  • This material is mainly used in the manufacturing of zinc sulphate which is used as a fertilizer (21% zinc and 10% sulphur).
  • There is also a certain % of metal recovery in the material. Ashes are physically separated to produce secondary zinc ingot with the non-metallic fraction used as feed stock, along with the ores, in the production of primary zinc.

Zinc Flux Skimming

Zinc Flux Skimmings are skimmed from the top of general galvanizing baths. Along with being a name to reckon with among Zinc Dross suppliers in India, Tata Steel has also earned phenomenal credit for its high quality Zinc Flux Skimmings.


  • Zinc Flux Skimmings are primarily used as a raw material for manufacturing zinc chloride, which finds wide application in the battery industry.

Zinc Blowing

In tube galvanizing, a further residue called Zinc Blowing is formed as the excess zinc is removed from the surfaces by compressed air. Tata Steel is also one of the major suppliers of Zinc Blowing along with being a Zinc Dross supplier in India.


  • Zinc Blowings are used as a raw material for manufacturing zinc sulphate, which in turn finds its use primarily in the manufacturing of fertilizers.

Zinc Dust Ash

Tata Steel has strengthened its portfolio as a Zinc Dross supplier in India by manufacturing Zinc Dust Ash which is generated when Zinc dross is processed to obtain pure Zinc.


  • Zinc Ash Dust is used as a raw material for manufacturing zinc sulphate, which is primarily used in the manufacturing of fertilizers.
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