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Tata Nirman

Tata Nirman is a branded product made of LD Slag, ideal for Fly Ash Brick making and Clinker making

Tata Nirman, quality product from Tata Steel IBMD is an environment friendly material available in 0-6mm size fraction. It finds its usage in different applications ranging from fly ash bricks, paver blocks, AAC block, concretes to road construction and sinter making.

An ideal product, Tata Nirman is a substitute of sand, lime and cement - raw materials for manufacturing Fly Ash Bricks. It is also used as a partial replacement of limestone in clinker, a basic raw material for cement making.

Tata Nirman assures of better strength, better quality. Majorly used as a replacement of cement and fly ash brick making raw material, it offers economic and environmental benefits to users.

Owing to its ease of availability and superior quality, Tata Nirman can be used as a partial replacement of limestone in Clinker Making, thereby reducing its cost of production and making it more environmental friendly.


  • Fly Ash Brick making

    Tata Nirman, available in 0-6mm size fraction is an ideal raw material for Fly Ash Brick making, replacing sand and lime. It is an environment friendly, cost effective product which results in stronger and durable bricks.

  • Clinker making

    Tata Nirman successfully replaces Limestone in cement making raw materials i.e Clinker. Apart from being cost effective, Tata Nirman is an environment friendly product which can help promote your efforts towards a sustainable world.

  • Cement Making

    The inherent properties of Tata Nirman make it suitable for manufacturing of PSC cement.


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