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Tata Aggreto is a first ever branded product created to upcycle Steel Slag into sustainable aggregates. It is a greener substitute of natural aggregates used in road construction and promises better quality, consistent size and improved availability.

Tata Aggreto conforms to superior quality road making aggregates and offers best in class service to all its customers.

Widely used as a substitute of natural aggregates in road construction, Tata Aggreto has no environmental side effects. This road making aggregate, which is obtained from LD slag, reduces dependence on natural aggregates like crushed stones and sand and consequently reduces dependence on mining and stone crushing.

Tata Aggreto conserves ~ 16,500 MT of natural aggregates for every kilometer of National Highway constructed. It is thus an ideal green raw material for construction as it reduces our dependency on heavy mining.

Manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility and equipped with modern infrastructure, Tata Aggreto from the Industrial By-Product Management Division (IBMD) of Tata Steel has been used in various prestigious road and highway construction projects across India including PMGSY roads, rural and NHAI Roads and stretches of NH33.


LD Slag is one of the by-products generated in steel making process during separation of impurities from molten steel in steel melting shops. It is then tapped into slag pot which solidifies on cooling and is the separated. The solid form of the Steel slag has both metallic & non-metallic ingredients and has various undesirable characteristics which limits its usage in as is form. Hence the Steel Slag undergoes various value-adding processes such as Crushing, Screening, Weathering & testing to transform it into the usable product.

Processing of Steel Slag involves following steps:

1. Crushing & Screening: The free metallic are magnetically separated and the non-metallic slag left after the Slag is passed through a Jaw crusher and series of screens which segregates it into different size fractions ranging from 0-65mm with sub-fractions of 0-6mm, 6-20mm, 20-40mm and 40-65mm for usage in various combination for different layers of road.

2. Weathering: Steel Slag is prone to volume expansion – the CaO and MgO contained in the flux remain partly inactive and reside in the slag or crystallize while the slag is solidified and cooled. These inactive materials, referred to as free-CaO and free-MgO, react with water, and in the process their volume nearly doubles through hydration. To eliminate this property, the Steel Slag is subjected to weathering through the process of Dry and Wet Cycle ageing or it is subjected to an advanced Open Steam Ageing Process.

3. Testing: To ensure the readiness of the product and consistent quality, the processed Slag is taken through an exhaustive testing procedure of ten tests such as Volume Expansion, Iron Unsoundness, Free Lime, Water Absorption, Abrasion Value, Crushing Value etc. in an NABL accredited lab.


  • Tata Aggreto is an ideal material used as a substitute of natural aggregates in all the layers of road making such as Subgrade, Sub-base layer, Base Layer and Bituminous Layers.
  • Natural road making aggregates have various adverse environmental impacts. The usage of Tata Aggreto as a substitute of natural aggregates has various environmental and cost benefits.
  • As compared to natural road making aggregates, Tata Aggreto has better chemical and physical properties which have been verified by CRRI.

Quality Check


  • Superior product quality ensures strength and durability of roads/pavements
  • Higher resistance to fracture under pressure
  • Low surface course wearing due to road traffic
  • Probability of aggregates breaking under impact is low
  • Wearing-off of bitumen from surface is less
  • Readily available to expedite project progress

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