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Tata Aggreto by IBMD can be used as a replacement of natural aggregates

Tata Aggreto, used as a substitute of natural aggregates is one of the leading materials that are being used in road construction. Generated after the processing of LD Slag, Tata Aggreto is environment friendly and cost effective. Use of Tata Aggreto has the potential to conserve ~16,500 tons of natural aggregates for each kilometre of National Highway constructed.

Tata Steel IBMD is among the leading aggregate manufacturers in India. We have pioneered the efforts and launched Tata Aggreto, to ensure availability, quality, and consistent size. Tata Aggreto, is a ready to use material that can be used in place of natural aggregates and lead to durable roads.

We have commissioned state of the art facility to manufacture aggregates which has been used in various PMGSY roads, stretches of NH33 etc.

How is Tata Aggreto made?

LD Slag undergoes crushing and screening into different size fractions measuring up to 65mm with sub-fractions ‹6 mm, 10-20mm, 20-40mm and 40-65mm. Sub-fractions 10-20 mm, 20-40 mm & 40-65 mm LD Slag are weathered to limit the volume expansion due to presence of free lime within 2%. The water used for weathering is obtained from rain water harvesting. The completion of ageing is established through a Volume Expansion Test. The final products after weathering & passing through the volume expansion test in sizes 10-20 mm, 20-40 mm & 40-65 mm are Tata Aggreto.

As a leader among aggregate manufacturers in India, Tata Steel has introduced Tata Aggreto, which is used as a replacement of natural aggregates, and verified through a number of tests such as Grain Size Distribution, Resistance to Crushing and Abrasion Test. After passing the stringent quality parameters, our slag is offered to the customers.


Tata Aggreto is an ideal material used as a replacement of natural aggregates in all the layers of road making such as Subgrade, Sub-base layer, Base Layer and Bituminous Layers.

Quality Check


  • Superior product quality ensures superior road/ pavement quality
  • Better resistance to fracture under pressure
  • Low surface course wearing due to road traffic
  • Probability of aggregates breaking under impact is less
  • Wearing-off of bitumen from surface is less
  • Readily available to expedite project progress

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