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Tata Steel has been able to position itself among the niche Sulphur suppliers in India.

Sulphur pellets are produced by the Claus Process consisting of three repeated steps - heating, reaction, and cooling or condensing. This results in high purity Sulphur. The Industrial By-Products Division (IBMD) of Tata Steel strongly adopts this purification process for its Sulphur and owing to the high quality of its products, the Company has emerged as one the most prominent Sulphur suppliers in India.

The Sulphur that is obtained is then transformed into fine pellets which makes it easier to handle and transport. The Sulphur pellets then go through a series of processes including weighing, bag sewing, and packaging before being efficiently transported to customers across the country.


Tata Steel offers superior quality Sulphur that finds its use in numerous industry segments. Some of the applications of Sulphur are the following -

  • Sulphur Powder - 99.5% (Rubber, Sugar, Pharmaceutical, Fire Works etc.)
  • Bentonite Sulphur – 90% (for Agriculture and Tea Garden)
  • Sulphur - 85% (Elemental Sulphur for Agriculture and Tea Garden)
  • Sulphur Liquid (for Agriculture and Tea Garden)
  • Sulphur Cake


Over the years, Tata Steel has emerged as one of the premium Sulphur suppliers in India owing to its consistent quality and following features:

  • High purity
    Sulphur from Tata Steel is superior in quality and customers are therefore keener to approach Tata Steel for its Sulphur requirements compared to other Sulphur suppliers in India.
  • Sold in Pellet form

    We supply Sulphur in the form of Pellets instead of liquid. These Sulphur pellets are well-packed in bags which are convenient to transport across the country without any risk of spillage.

  • Available in 25 kg Bags
    Tata Steel offers good quality Sulphur in well-packaged bags of various weights including smaller bags of 25 Kgs which are again very convenient to transport and are delivered to the customers on time through our efficient and reliable supply chain network. Tata Steel is among the very few Sulphur suppliers in India to offer high quality Sulphur Pellets in bags of such smaller weights.

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