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MRP Scrap

Tata Steel IBMD, one of the leading iron and steel scrap suppliers in India, generates MRP Scrap of various sizes

As an iron and steel scrap supplier in India, Tata Steel, IBMD deals with a variety of iron and steel scrap products, named as MRP Scrap. The products are available in sizes ranging from 3mm-300 mm for Processed MRP Scrap and +300mm for Unprocessed MRP Scrap conforming to the highest quality standards. It finds its usage as a replacement of sponge Iron/ Scrap in steelmaking and can be used in different furnaces including IFs, EAFs, BOFs.

How is MRP Scrap made?

Iron and Steel or MRP scrap is generated through screening and magnetic separation of Steel Slag that originates in the process of primary steelmaking / refining.

Iron and Steel Scrap is one of the prime raw materials required for EAF & Induction furnaces and IBMD is among the leading iron scrap suppliers in India.

IBMD sells MRP scrap via auction route using VIU based pricing on the basis of Met Fe content. Its multi-location presence as an iron and steel scrap supplier in India provides customer convenience, cost optimization, ease of availability and good quality products to the customers.


MRP Scrap is used by steel manufacturers for producing Ingots, billets and TMT Rebars.

  • Cast Iron (high C) generally in the form of Ferroshots, Pig Iron or Pooled Iron is firstly charged into the furnace, following which a hot metal bath is created.
  • Subsequently, sponge iron is charged. While charging sponge iron, MRP Scrap which serves as a supplement, is also charged. In simpler terms, MRP Scrap serves as a replacement for sponge iron in the charge-mix depending on its Met Fe % ranging from 30% to 65%.
  • The proportion of MRP scrap in the charge mix depends on the commercial viability of its different SKUs when benchmarked with sponge iron /scrap.
  • Prior to charging, MRP scrap from iron and steel scrap suppliers in India can further be purified through additional screening, drumming and wet milling which would increase the Met Fe percentage and increase its commercial viability for use in furnaces.
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