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LD Slag

How is LD Slag made?

LD Slag is produced during the separation of molten Steel Slag from impurities in steel-making furnaces.

Slag being a complex solution of silicates and oxides is lighter and hence, floats on top of the molten mass of steel. It is then tapped into a Slag pot which solidifies on cooling and is then separated.

The free metallic Slag is magnetically separated and the non-metallic Slag left after this is segregated in different sizes based on its usage.

Quality Control

Deliberate control of the steel manufacturing process influences both the quality of the Steel and the Slag. At Tata Steel IBMD, comprehensive range of chemical examinations are carried out to ensure the quality of LD Slag is supreme.


Branded LD Slag products

Tata Aggreto is a branded product made of LD Slag for usage as a replacement of aggregate in road making. Know more
Tata Nirman is a branded product made of LD Slag for usage in fly ash brick and clinker making. Know more

Other potential applications of LD Slag

LD Slag in construction of Hardstands

A hardstand is a paved area for parking heavy vehicles, storing raw materials/ finished products etc.

Due to better strength, abrasion and impact resistance than natural aggregates, Steel Slag aggregates are particularly suitable for use in areas subjected to heavy vehicle loads and high shear stress.

LD Slag has been successfully used in following areas –

  • Making Railway Siding Platform
  • Temporary Road in and around residential colony
  • Pathways near Rail Tracks
  • Parking Yard
  • Storage Yard

LD Slag as Cement making raw material

Portland Slag Cement (PSC) Manufacturing:
LD Slag can also be used as a partial replacement of Blast Furnace Slag in PSC making. In fact, LD Slag reduces the cost of making PSC. Also, inclusion of LD Slag in PSC making in the BIS Specifications strengthens its widespread usage.

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