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Coal Tailings

Coal Tailings are generated from the finest circuit of the washery process. This by-product of coal has a very high Calorific Value ranging between 3700 - 5300 Kcal/Kg and is widely used in retail applications such as Brick Kilns and Cokeries, Power Plants and more.

The typical size of Coal Tailings is less than 0.5 mm.

Tata Steel’s IBMD, being one of the leading coal tailing suppliers in India, offers the following products –

West Bokaro Tailings

West Bokaro (WB) Tailings

The quality of West Bokaro tailings is equivalent to CIL G8 grade. These are also consistent in quality and have an established supply chain for retail sale.

TSL is the only coal tailing supplier in India to launch a mobile app – "IBMD Sahaj" for retail sales.

JCCP Tailings

JCPP Tailings

Tailings generated from Jamadoba Coal Preparation Plant are called JCPP tailings.

The quality of JCPP Tailings is equivalent to G11 CIL coal grade by calorific value.

As one of the leading coal tailing suppliers, we also have an established transport network for sale to institutional and retail customers.

BCCP Tailings

BCPP Tailings

The tailings generated from Bhelatand are referred to as BCPP Tailings. The quality of BCPP tailing varies between G10-G12 equivalent CIL coal grade by calorific value.


Coal Tailings, irrespective of whether they are from West Bokaro or Jharia, have common applications. Some of the prominent applications of Coal Tailings are mentioned below -

  • Brick Manufacturing Coal Tailings are largely used by Brick Kiln Manufacturers as a fuel.
  • Cokeries In Cokeries, these are used to make hard coke and soft coke.
  • Power Generation Coal Tailings can be blended with coarse coal and used for power generation.
Brick Kiln
Thermal Power Plant
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