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Coal Rejects

Coal Rejects

Coal Rejects are a by-product of the coal washing / beneficiation process, in which after separation of beneficiated washed coal and middling, the rejects are left over as a portion of raw feed coal. These are generated from the coarse circuit of the coal washery process. No additional crushing or blending is required for its usage.

With calorific value in the range of 2400–2800 Kcal/Kg, Coal Rejects are similar in nature to Middlings.

Tata Steel’s IBMD is one of the leading Coal Washery Rejects suppliers and produces considerable amount of Coal Rejects from its West Bokaro and Jharia washeries.

TSL is the only Coal Washery Rejects Supplier in India to launch a mobile app – "IBMD Sahaj" for retail sales.

West Bokaro Rejects

Quality of West Bokaro Rejects vary between G16- G17 equivalent CIL coal grade, in terms of the calorific value.

We have an established network to transfer our product to institutional and retail customers.

Our Coal Rejects are dispatched from West Bokaro by either of the following ways –

  • Road - By local transporters
  • Rail - Rake dispatch to institutional customers via private siding of TSL

Jharia Rejects

Rejects are produced as by-products from Jamadoba and Bhelatand Coal Preparation Plants. In both the plants, Rejects are mixed with Middlings to produce the end product- 2PR (2-Product Rejects) as a part of the process. Quality of 2PR ranges from G13 to G17 equivalent of CIL coal grade.


Thermal Power Plants

Both West Bokaro Rejects and Jharia Rejects find established use in coal based Thermal Power Plants. The consistency in quality and adherence to specifications, makes it a product of choice for thermal power plants having new technologies like CFBC, AFBC, HRSG and Utility Water Tube Boiler.

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