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Tata Ferroshots TM is a superior quality Granulated Pig Iron from the house of Tata Steel. A product from a breakthrough technology, Tata Ferroshots TM has set its footprint in the secondary steel market by delivering unmatched savings and unprecedented value.

The inherent properties of Tata Ferroshots TM Granulated Pig Iron results in better yield, higher productivity and lower energy cost as compared to traditional Pig Iron/Scrap or DRI. The product undergoes a stringent process of quality checks to yield best results.

Tata Ferroshots TM, Granulated Pig Iron from the Industrial By-Products Management Division (IBMD) of Tata Steel, is a highly preferred Tata Steel by-product across the globe - sold in India as well as exported internationally.


  • Metallic yield ~ 92%
  • High metal content with minimum residue
  • High purity of the GRANULATED PIG IRON allows production of steel products requiring higher proportion of lower cost scrap in charge mix
  • Power savings compared to alternative products ~ 30 kWh to 50 kWh
  • High Bulk density due to solid granulated form
  • Chemical energy and Carbon, delivered rapidly due to large surface area, thus promoting early liquid pool formation, foaming slag, faster melting and overall increased productivity
  • Non-uniform spherical shape - excellent for handling, storage and transportation
  • No chemical reaction during granulation of pig iron
  • Consistent chemistry, same as the source blast furnace hot metal


Tata Ferroshots TM is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology of GRANSHOT TM. The entire production process is safe and environment-friendly.


The hot metal arrives at the Tata FerroshotsTM Granulated Pig Iron granulation plant from upstream processing in a torpedo ladle car.

When the granulation set up is ready to receive liquid metal, the Torpedo pours the hot metal into the tundish and the granulation begins under the controlled atmosphere.

Further the liquid pig iron is fed into the system which is balanced with cooling water to obtain a steady rate of granulation.

Tata Ferroshots manufacturing process


Tata Ferroshots TM is used by secondary steel manufacturers to produce Ingots, Billets and TMT Rebars.

Tata Ferroshots TM being a superior quality Granulated Pig Iron from the house of Tata Steel By-products, can be used/charged in/into different types of furnaces:

Induction Furnace (IF)/ Electric Arc furnace (EAF)

  • Suitable to load in scrap bucket (high density, valuable for efficient charging)
  • Charging with the power-on lowers tap-to-tap time
  • High carbon content, promotes slag foaming and reduced power consumption
  • High metallic content and small size reduces risk for electrode breakage
  • Reduces the chance of furnace lining damage due to small and uniform size

Cupola Furnaces used in Foundries

  • Excellent cooling Scrap-neutral composition
  • Suitable to load in scrap skip (high density and efficient magnet loading)
  • Possible to feed continuously for temperature control during blowing
  • Small size ensures rapid melting and dissolution – no late carbon boils
Electric Arc Furnace
Cupola Furnace

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