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The Industrial By-products Management Division (IBMD) of Tata Steel has adopted the Circular Economy principles as an integral part of its business values. IBMD extracts value out of by-products, generated in the entire value chain of the steel company, starting from raw materials right up to finished products.

A Diverse Product portfolio

IBMD handles ~ 14MnTPA of by-products spanning across 20+ product categories comprising more than 250+ SKUs.

The product portfolio consists of steel by-products such as Metallic Scrap, BF and LD Slag, Coal Tar, Flat Product Scrap, Coal By-products: Middlings, Tailings and Rejects, and other offerings like Sulphur, Iron Oxide, Zinc etc.

The wide range of industrial by-products serve as key raw materials to various industries like Cement, Chemical, Construction, Infrastructure and Thermal Power.

First in the Country to launch LD Slag branded products

IBMD is first in the country and second in the world to launch branded LD Slag products. The two branded products are: Tata Aggreto and Tata Nirman.

Tata Aggreto is a branded product made of LD Slag for usage as a replacement of aggregate in road making. The brand promises to provide superior ready-to-use material with consistent sizes. Know more
Tata Nirman is a branded product made of LD Slag for usage in fly ash bricks (as a replacement of sand and limestone) and clinker making (as a replacement of limestone) Know more

Circular Economy at the Core

IBMD forms a core part of Tata Steel’s commitment towards Circular Economy following the 4R principles namely Reduce, Reuse, Remanufacture and Recycle.


Sustainability through innovation

With the objective of harnessing 'Value from Waste & By-Products', IBMD is committed to becoming a knowledge-driven business unit leveraging innovation as the key pillar. We have launched innovative products like Tata Aggreto , Tata Nirman and Tata FerroshotsTM which provide commercial as well as sustainable benefits.

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  • Tata Steel awarded "Company of the Year"

    Tata Steel has been awarded "Company of the Year" at 14th Global Slag Conference & Exhibition at Aachen, Germany in March, 2019

  • Tata Nirman adjudged winner under "Green Building Material" category

    Tata Nirman brand adjudged the Winner under the category 'Green Building Material for AAC Blocks/Bricks & Others' in the 8th edition of Fly Ash Utilisation Conference conducted in February, 2019

  • GGBS certified "Green Pro" by CII-Godrej GBC

    Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag was the first product of Tata Steel to be certified the prestigious "Green Pro" by CII-Godrej GBC

  • Regional Winners at Tata Innovista

    IBMD, Tata Steel adjudged regional winners at Tata Innovista amongst Tata group companies for the project "Unleashing the potential of by-products: Tata FerroshotsTM" in March, 2017


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